The aim of the science curriculum at Elton High is to give students a sense of wonder about the world around them, and to stimulate curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions and think critically.

This will be achieved by delivering a curriculum based around eight key principles:

1.       Embedding knowledge and understanding of key scientific principles that underpin modern life, how they are linked and cross over.

2.       Being able to communicate their ideas and understanding using scientific vocabulary.

3.       The development of practical skills so that students can design and perform experiments to test ideas (and risk asses them appropriately).

4.       Giving students the skills they need to evaluate information and make evidence-based decisions in an ever more complex world.

5.       Developing resilience by giving strategies to solve problems and appreciate that getting things wrong is a powerful tool in learning.

6.       Working collaboratively with others as part of a team to bring together different skills and achieve goals.

7.       Appreciating the breadth of science and the links between the scientific disciplines and being aware of the rage of scientific careers and opportunities.

8.       Challenging stereotypes and appreciating that students from all backgrounds can be successful in science. 

The Elton High School