Headteacher’s Welcome

The Elton High School has a culture and tradition of success. It is a school built on positive relationships between staff, students, parents and governors with each individual being valued and offered the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Our students are supported to achieve academic success through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning which permeates the culture of our daily practice. We are committed to drive forward teaching standards across every single subject with stringent systems of self-evaluation to reinforce and further enhance teaching practice. Staff are supported to develop their professional practice and are valued as the driving force of our school community. We also prioritise a focus on developing our students’ resilience and desire to learn – we are keenly aware of the need to equip them with skills for jobs in a competitive, ever changing world and recognise that the best means to address these challenges is to develop their academic self-confidence and thirst for learning.

Alongside the focus on academic achievement we aim to develop our students as well rounded, socially aware individuals. They should have a keen sense of moral values, be considerate of others, be polite, measured and articulate. To this end we offer a strong system of student support which promotes healthy relationships across the school. We offer varied extra-curricular clubs on a weekly basis and a range of enrichment opportunities.  While recent educational visits have obviously been limited due to Covid, we have a strong culture of offering a range of opportunities and in recent times we have led sporting activity trips to Southern France and Spain, visited World War Two memorials in Holland, experienced football coaching sessions at Feyenoord, Villareal and Porto and held geographical visits to the glaciers of Iceland. Through these experiences we seek to develop our students’ confidence and awareness of their place in the world and we are unfailingly proud to receive consistently positive feedback about their exemplary attitude and manner.

In 2016, The Elton High School moved into the first new secondary building to be built in Bury for many decades, offering fantastic facilities which offer the best learning and sporting experience for every child. However, the heartbeat of the school is not the bricks and mortar of the building but the community of staff, students, parents and governors. Whilst I hope the information on this website provides a clear picture of our school, you are warmly invited to visit our school yourselves to see the high quality education that we provide on a daily basis.

Jonathan Wilton

The Elton High School