Key Stage Three

All pupils receive four hours of teaching per week.

Topics Covered:

Year 7:

Term One – Algebraic Thinking (sequences, equality/equivalence and using algebraic notation) and Place Value and Proportion (place value, and fractions/decimal/percentage equivalence).

Term Two – Application of Number (BIDMAS, fraction/decimal and percentage of amounts) and Fractional Thinking (adding/subtracting fractions).

Term Three – Lines and Angles (measuring angles and developing geometric reasoning) and Reasoning with Number (probability, proof and number sense)

Year 8:

Term One – Proportional Reasoning (ratio, best buys, scales, conversion graphs) and Representations (graphs, equations of lines, statistical graphs and probability.

Term Two – Algebraic Techniques (sequences, solving equations, expanding brackets, indices) and Developing Number Sense (fractions, percentages, standard form)

Term Three – Developing Geometry (angles and parallel lines, polygons, area, reflection) and Reasoning with Data (Data handling cycle)

Year 9:

Term One – Reasoning with Algebra (graphs, solving equations and testing conjectures) and Construction/3D Shapes (volume, surface area, congruency and construction)

Term Two – Reasoning with Number and Geometry (percentages, money, transformations and Pythagoras).

Term Three – Reasoning with Proportion (ratio, speed/distance/time, density), probability and algebraic representation.

Key Stage Four:

All pupils receive four hours of teaching each week and follow the AQA GCSE specification.

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