Physical Education

Key Stage Three

All pupils receive two one-hour lessons every week.

Topics Covered:

Throughout Key Stage Three, students will follow a curriculum that includes performance and leadership opportunities in the following sports: netball, basketball, handball, football, tag-rugby, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, SAQ training, athletics, orienteering, rounders, cricket, softball, dance and gymnastics. We aim to build skills incrementally across the three years.

Students follow a carousel so all students will access the same sporting opportunities across the year.

Year 7: Sports are broken down into the fundamentals, where the basic skills, knowledge and understanding are covered in lessons. The fundamental units of work in each sport lay the foundations for skill acquisition and knowledge progression for future years.

Year 8: Sports are broken down into the skill development steps where more complex skills are taught and practised; this building upon the fundamentals from Year 7. As skills develop this lays the foundation for great tactical play which is covered in Year 9.

Year 9: Sports are broken down into tactical understanding so that students can apply their skills to gain an advantage over their opponent/s. Tactical awareness is the development of an understanding of the common elements of games and tactics needed for success. Decision-Making: learning and practising making decisions in action, in response to different situations.

Key Stage Four:

All students continue to participate in one hour of Core PE each week. Students who opt to pursue a qualification in PE receive three hours per week of lessons. We offer GCSE PE and a Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Science.

Topics Covered: GCSE PE

10Fitness ComponentsTraining MethodsTraining PrinciplesCirculatory SystemRespiratory SystemMovement analysis
11ArousalNutritionCommercialisation of SportMisuse of drugsSkill classificationHooliganism,

Topics Covered: Sports Studies

10Participation groupsBarriers to sportProvision of sportOlympic and Paralympic GamesSporting ValuesDrug taking in Sport
11Role of officialTeam and individual sportsCoachingOutdoor activitiesRules of gamesTechnology in Sport
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