Computing and Business

Key Stage Three

All pupils receive a one hour lesson every week.

Topics Covered:

In year 7, we study Emails, E-Safety, All About Me (PowerPoint), Spreadsheets, Computational Thinking, Binary, Programming in Scratch, Flowol, Light Bot and Introduction to Python Programming

In year 8, we study Advanced Email Features; E-Safety; My Digital World; Image Editing – Mug Printing; Micro:bits; Databases; Introduction to Python; Designing Websites.

In year 9 we study E-Safety, Online Grooming, Sexting and Selfies, Computer Crime and Cyber Security, Computer Architecture, Python Programming (Advanced, numbers and drawing), Designing a Website, Image Editing (T-Shirt Printing), 3D Printing and App Development.

Key Stage Four:

At Key Stage Four students receive three hours per week of lessons. We offer GCSE qualifications in Computer Science and Business Studies and a Cambridge National certificate in Imedia.