Computing and Business

Key Stage Three

All pupils receive a one hour lesson every week.

Topics Covered:

7Emails, E-Safety, All About MeIntroduction to SpreadsheetsComputational Thinking, BinaryProgramming in ScratchFlowol, Light BotEssentials of Python Programming
8Advanced Emails, Digital Safety My Digital WorldImage Editing – Mug printingMicro:bitsDatabasesIntroduction of Python ProgrammingDesigning a Website
9Digital Safety, Online Grooming, Sexting and SelfiesComputer Crime and Cyber Security, Computer ArchitecturePython Programming (Advanced, numbers and drawing)Designing a WebsiteOCR iMedia – Purpose, File Types, Design T-Shirt, Budgeting3D Printing, App Development

Key Stage Four:

At Key Stage Four students receive three hours per week of lessons. We offer GCSE qualifications in Computer Science and Business Studies and a Cambridge National certificate in Creative iMedia.

Topics Covered: Computer Science

10Architecture of the CPU   Primary and Secondary Storage   Data Types   Programming FundamentalsUnits   Data Storage   Compression   Programming FundamentalsComputational Thinking   Boolean Logic   Programming FundamentalsDesigning, Creating and Refining algorithms Programming FundamentalsOperating Systems   Utility Software   Programming FundamentalsEthical, Legal Cultural and Environmental impact   Programming Fundamentals
11Networks and Topologies   Wired and Wireless Networks, protocols and layers   Programming FundamentalsThreats posed to computer systems and networks   Identifying and preventing vulnerabilities   Programming FundamentalsSearching and sorting algorithms   Programming Fundamentals  Defensive Design   Languages and IDEExam RevisionExam Revision

Topics Covered: Business Studies

10Enterprise and EntrepreneurshipSpotting a business opportunityPutting a business idea into practiceMaking a business effectiveUnderstanding external influences on businessGrowing the business
11Making marketing decisionsMaking operational decisionsMaking financial decisionsMaking human resource decisionsExam RevisionExam Revision

Topics Covered: Creative Imedia

10Introduction to Creative iMediaIntroduction to Creative iMediaUnit R091: Design Game ConceptUnit R091: Design Game Concept Unit R091: Design Game ConceptUnit R081: Pre-Production Skills
11Unit R081: Pre-Production SkillsUnit R081: Pre-Production SkillsUnit R082: Pre-Creating Digital GraphicsUnit R082: Pre-Creating Digital GraphicsUnit R082: Pre-Creating Digital GraphicsUnit R082: Pre-Creating Digital Graphics
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