Religious Education

Key Stage Three

Students in years 7 and 8 receive a one-hour lesson each week. In year 9, students receive two lessons each week.

Topics Covered:

Year 7:

Year 8:

Students explore issues of creation – Christian views and scientific views; environmental problems and responsibility; animal uses and abuse; wealth and poverty.  Christian teachings on all these themes will be explored and contrasted with personal views.

Students also study the key beliefs, teachings and practices of Islam.

Year 9:

All students begin to study the GCSE RE course. Topics include:

Religion, Peace and Conflict – exploring issues of war, violence, terrorism, peaceful means of resolution and Christian attitudes.  

Christian beliefs and teachings – Trinity, Creation, Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Atonement, Sin, Salvation, Judgement.

Religion and Life Issues – Creation and origins of human life; environmental problems and responsibility; the use and abuse of animals; abortion; euthanasia and life after death.

Key Stage Four:

All students continue to study at least one hour each week of core RE. Most students continue follow the AQA GCSE course in Religious Education and receive two hours of teaching each week.