Design Technology

Key Stage Three:

All pupils receive two hours of teaching per week. We operate a carousel so students can focus on developing their knowledge and skills in one area of Design Technology at a time.

Topics Covered:

In year 7, we study electronics and mini monster manufacture including soldering circuits, technical drawing including CAD, timbers – key rack manufacture and Food and Nutrition – lunch boxes.

In year 8, we study metalwork and electronics with keyring manufacture and an upcycled desk lamp, we complete a multi-material task – bird feeder project, technical drawing including CAD and Food and Nutrition – diet and health.

In year 9 we complete an Automata project to design and manufacture a mechanical toy, a multi-material task – design and manufacture a smart device holder, Technical drawing and CAD and Food & Nutrition – lifestyle and choice.

Key Stage Four:

All pupils who opt to study Design Technology receive three hours of teaching per week and follow the Pearson specification in Product Design or the WJEC specification for Food and Nutrition.

The Elton High School