Reporting to Parents

During the course of the School Year, parents will receive one written report and, on two occasions, a Grade Card recording attainment and attitude to learning in each subject. In addition to these, parents are able to consult subject teachers about their children’s progress at the annual Parents’ Evening.

Assessment and Reporting

‘Attitude to Learning’ Descriptors

These are descriptions of your approach to your work; the bulleted list gives an idea of the types of attitude and behaviour your teacher says that you might display. It is a best-fit model and you may not display all of the characteristics in the category.

4In lessons this student is highly motivated and engaged. Effort is consistent and sustained. This student responds well to challenge and perseveres even when work is difficult. This students also takes steps to find out more about a topic without being prompted.Presentation is always outstanding. Work is well presented and where mistakes occur they are actively corrected and improved upon. Presentation guidelines are followed in full.The quality of homework and independent learning is outstanding.  It is clear to see that the student is spending time and effort on homework tasks. All homework is handed in on time.
3In lessons this student is mostly engaged and contributes actively in class. This student generally responds well to challenge and usually perseveres even when work is difficult.Presentation is good. Work is presented to the best of the student’s ability. The student makes improvements to work by correcting mistakes. Presentation guidelines are followed.The quality of homework and independent learning is good. The standard of work matches the student’s target grade. Homework is generally handed in on time.
2In lessons this student’s effort is variable. This student does not always respond to challenge or contribute actively in class. To make improvements this student needs to use more strategies to persevere when work is more difficult.Presentation requires improvement. Work can appear rushed and improvement is hindered because the student does not correct and improve upon previous work. More care is required to follow the presentation guidelines.The quality of homework and independent learning requires improvement. The standard of work is generally lower than expected based upon the student’s target grade. Homework is sometimes incomplete or late.
1In lessons this student is frequently disengaged. The quality of work and effort in lessons needs significant improvement. This student needs to make use of support provided and keep trying even when work is more difficult.Presentation is inadequate. There are a number of mistakes which are not corrected which hinders student progress. Presentation guidelines are not being followed.The quality of homework is inadequate. Work is often incomplete, handed in late or not completed at all.