Key Stage Three

All pupils receive one hour of Geography each week in year 7 and two hours each week in years 8 and 9.

Topics Covered:

Year 7

Unit 1: Key skills with Harry Potter. An introduction to the key skills that students will be using throughout the year including map skills.

Unit 2: Coasts. Students will study the processes that shape the unique UK coastline, and how we interact with it.

Unit 3: Race across the world. Students will travel across the world and discover a range of physical and human geographies from a range of countries.

Unit 4: Development. Students will be introduced to countries of different levels of development, and how quality of life changes from high to low income countries.

Year 8

Unit 1: Zombie apocalypse: Students will build upon their knowledge of Geography key skills including contours.

Unit 2: Ecosystems. Students will study a range of global ecosystems from tropical rainforests to deserts, deciduous woodland and tundra. 

Unit 3: Weather. Students will study a range of weather events including tornadoes, regional weather and lightning

Unit 4: Sport. Students will study the Geography of sport including football and rugby.

Year 9

Unit 1: Dangerous Geography: Students will build upon their knowledge and understanding of Geographical key skills including use of figures. Students will do this through the study of dangerous world Geography including dictatorships and sinkholes.

Unit 2: Rivers. Students will study the greatest rivers around the world. They will investigate the structure of rivers, the ecosystem and the culture surrounding rivers around the world.  

Unit 3: Tectonics. Students will study the reason why countries move over time and why natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes occur.

Unit 4: Geography of war: Students will study the Geography behind warfare through a range of modern examples including Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan.

Key Stage Four:

All pupils who opt to study Geography receive three hours of teaching per week and follow the AQA GCSE course.

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