Values and Ethos

The Staff and Governors of The Elton High School are resolved to support the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual, creative and physical development of all students. The school will do this by delivering a curriculum that develops students’ learning, achievement and attainment and is broad, balanced and relevant.

Learning experiences will be provided which:

  • enable students to become successful learners, who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve,
  • prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, developing confident individuals, who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Vision Statement

To develop in students a love of learning that enables them to fulfil their potential and support them to become articulate, resilient, socially aware young adults.


The school is characterised by a core focus on strong teaching and learning.  Professional practice serves this focus and is characterised by innovation, creativity, a ‘can do’ determination with the learner at the centre of the process.

Teaching, Learning, Achievement and Standards of Attainment

These will evidence:

  • high expectations of students’ work and engagement,
  • consistently strong standards of teaching across all subject areas,
  • a focus on student learning and raising the levels of student attainment,
  • the use of creative and wider learning environments,
  • effective reward strategies which provide praise and celebration of success in achievement and attainment.

The Curriculum

The Curriculum and organisational delivery will:

  • be relevant, broad, balanced, differentiated and inclusive, providing equal opportunities for all students,
  • provide an outstanding programme of subject enrichment and extra-curricular activities, which also promote student voice and leadership.


The school will be inclusive, committed to:

  • equality of opportunity and removal of barriers to participation, achievement and attainment,
  • securing routines for identification and assessment of and provision for Special Educational Needs,
  • Consistently following routines for the successful management of attendance and behaviour for learning.


The school will have strong and structured links to the community through:

  • curriculum delivery and development through and with the community, including work that recognises the local, national and global communities,
  • Extended Services offered to the adult community in Bury including sports and wider facilities such as adult arts classes and the Art to Heart project.

Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are valued and viewed as full partners in the learning process, actively engaged through:

  • systematic consultation in relation to the work of the school,
  • provision of the fullest information, including fortnightly communication of the school newsletter and scheduled Parent Guidance events,
  • opportunities to be involved in the work of the school, both during and out of session time, including regular Parent Focus Group meetings,
  • positive staff work to maintain good home-school relations.

School Learning Climate

The school will offer:

  • a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning, based on good relationships and a clear, shared framework of values about being Ready – Respectful – Safe,
  • a quality, stimulating environment, where support is provided to reflect the ethos of the school and the learning, pastoral and social needs of the students,
  • an ethos of collaborative work, with students at the centre of all that we do,
  • impactful structures and systems which include significant use of rewards, to raise student self-esteem and reinforce a sense of responsibility and engagement as a member of the school community.

The Elton High School