Attendance and Punctuality

At The Elton High School we believe that excellent attendance and punctuality helps students to make the most of their learning opportunities. Research evidence confirms that students who attend school regularly tend to make better progress academically and socially. Our school attendance target is 95.5% but many of our students achieve 98% and above. Further to this we recognise and reward these students on an annual basis – 98% (bronze), 99% (silver) and 100% (gold).

On a weekly basis we also have a punctuality draw to reward students who have achieved 100% punctuality. Names of winners are published in the Elton newsletter and each child gets a treat from the canteen. Students need to arrive in school by 8.40am to avoid being late to school. Students who arrive late to school have a detention at breaktime.

Parents and carers play a critical role in supporting and promoting high standards of attendance and punctuality. Therefore we ask parents to support us by making sure that children are in school daily and on time.

When a child is ill or there are valid reasons for absence, we would ask parents to e mail or telephone the school office on a daily basis to provide details of the absence. If we do not receive any communication from home, then this becomes a safeguarding concern and we will send out a text message to notify parents of their child’s absence.

Wherever possible we would ask parents to make any medical/dental appointments outside school hours. If this is not practical, please contact school via e mail or telephone to provide details of the absence. Under normal circumstances we would not expect a child to be absent for a full day for a medical appointment.

Please also note that holidays during term time are not authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any such requests should be submitted in writing to the Headteacher at least 2 weeks prior to the absence. The school adheres to the Local Authority guidance and issues penalty notices for unauthorised absences where necessary.

Please note that as part of our safeguarding routines we do carry out home visits to check on students and families where we are concerned about lack of contact or length of absence.

The Elton High School