Return to school

The new term starts on Wednesday 4 September 2019 with our new Year 7 students, Year 10 mentors and Year 11 prefects due to start the day at the usual time of 8:45am. All other students (Years 8, 9 remainder of Years 10 and 11) will then be expected to arrive for the later time of 11:00am (for the start of Period 3).

We also kindly remind all parents and carers to continue to support our drive to have the very highest standards in all areas of school life. The students are expected to arrive to school looking smart and well presented. The new uniform has been received so well and the students really do look fantastic. We ask for your support in the students wearing that uniform in the right way. Girls should not alter the length of the skirt and jewellery remains banned. Trainers are not part of the uniform and standard school shoes should be worn by all students unless they have a recognised medical condition. All students should be keenly aware of our requirements regarding equipment, with the school journal, pens, pencil and maths equipment all being a daily requirement for all year groups. Our policy for mobile phones is simple and it works very well – phones are to be turned off during school hours and are confiscated and returned the following day if found to be switched on. The school continues to run very smoothly on a daily basis with classes settled, the corridors orderly, and the students looking smart and well prepared. This is due to the support provided by yourselves and we appreciate your continuing diligence in setting up the students to arrive with the right mindset for learning.

Much of this information has already been highlighted in the most recent issue of The Elton Times and that newsletter will continue to be distributed on a fortnightly basis from September. If you still do not receive that newsletter we do ask that you let us know of your email address so that you can receive it with the rest of our community. In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a restful, enjoyable summer break and thank you for your excellent support throughout these past nine months. I look forward to being in touch in September and continuing to build on the many successes of this year.

The Elton High School