How to help your child with GCSE mathematics

  • Be positive about maths!
  • Be positive about your own maths abilities. Try to avoid saying “I was never good at maths” or “I never liked maths”.
  • Encourage your child to be persistent if a problem seems difficult.

There is evidence that, because children are told that Maths is difficult, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Everyone who has studied Maths has found it difficult at times. Hard work is the key, like any subject.

Encourage your son/daughter to;

  • attend all lessons possible during the the normal school day.
  • complete all homework week by week.
  • complete revision for tests and attend revision sessions after school and during holiday periods
  • see mathematics staff for help when needed.
  • be unafraid of making mistakes. If mistakes are made, help them learn from them.
  • discuss their future career path and find out what qualifications are needed. You might find that a high grade in mathematics is required for your future job, not your future course at college.

How to get more help

Contact a maths teacher

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