Community Art

Community Art has been a strength of Elton High school since 2004 when it acquired status as a Specialist Arts College. Although this initiative has now been phased out by the government, we continue to offer a range of provision which helps to meet the creative and social needs of people in the local area:

ART TO HEART – a registered charity scheme unique to our school with the overall aim to bridge the gap between the generations through the art making process. Pupils in Years 7 & 8 are given the chance to volunteer to assist older and disabled people in care homes and community groups to engage in a range of art and craft activities.

SATURDAY ART CLASS – for 7-14 Year olds. Initially, there were 8 children on the register. Now, there are on average between 30-35 children in attendance taught by 2 teachers who deliver a range of project themes which enable children to develop creative skills in various media and techniques.

Delivered by Miss Long, Mrs Turford & Mrs France

THURSDAY ADULT EVENING TEXTILES / ART CLASS – has been attended consistently for a number of years by a group of enthusiastic and talented learners yet continues to attract new students. They are taught by a highly experienced practitioner who delivers a range of inspiring projects to ensure that the creative journeys of the students are never ending!

Delivered by Mrs France

PRIMARY ART PROJECTS – are delivered to Year 5 & 6 classes at our main feeder primary schools, based on the current curriculum topic or an alternative theme. Children are able to experience materials and techniques they may not have access to in a primary school environment.  Through this intervention from an art specialist, teachers are often inspired / equipped with the knowledge to confidently deliver art projects to their classes in the future!

Delivered by Miss Long

PRIMARY ARTS DAY – takes place annually with ‘gifted and talented’ children from our main feeder schools being invited to develop their abilities through art, dance and music workshops which culminates in a performance showcase for parents, friends and teachers in the main hall.

Delivered by Miss Long, Mrs Stopford and Mrs Jones

SUMMER ART WEEK – takes place in the first week of the Summer holiday for children aged 7-11 from schools across the wider Bury area. A range of exciting themes have been delivered including ‘Magical Kingdom’ ‘Nostalgia Fabulosa’ and ‘Beach Bonanza’. Children learn how to use a variety of art materials and techniques, ending the week with a celebration party and awards presentation.

Delivered by Miss Long and guest art teachers

​For Community Art Updates and Imagery, please see The Elton Times – a fortnightly bulletin about life at our school which can be accessed on the home page of this website.

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