How to help your child make outstanding progress in science.

Welcome to our Science Curriculum area.  Please click on the Key Stage you require for more information on what is taught here at The Elton High School.  If you require further guidance please contact us.

  • Be positive about science! Show an interest in science programmes broadcast on TV e.g. Horizon documentaries or programmes about specific ecosystems. Visit scientific places of interest; the Museum Of Science and Industry in Manchester is free and a great way to spend a day!
  • Encourage your child to explain how simple things work in the home such as door handles, the digestive system and simple chemical reactions and to undertake his/her own research if they ask a question you or he/she cannot answer immediately.
  • Encourage your child to be persistent if a topic seems difficult.
  • Discuss the importance of science grades in future careers. Good grades in science GCSEs are highly sought after for entry to courses at college and apprenticeships in a wide range of trades.

Encourage your son/daughter to;

  • complete all homework week by week.
  • complete revision for tests and attend revision sessions after school and during holiday periods
  • see science staff for help when needed.
  • be unafraid of making mistakes. If mistakes are made, this is an opportunity for learning.
  • discuss his/her future career path and find out what qualifications are needed. You might find that a high grade in science is required for a future job, or course at college.
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