Why do we study music?

During music lessons you will develop your creative and analytical skills, make decisions, work in teams and develop your communication skills.

Key Stage 3

KS3 pupils will work in 6-8 week modules. During every module pupils will perform, compose and analyse music. Creating music is at the heart of every lesson.

Below are the topics covered in each year group:

Year 7


Using a range of African drums pupils will compose and perform African features and learn to read simple rhythms from notation.

Graphic Notation & Instruments of the orchestra

Pupils will listen, compose and perform music using graphic notation. Pupils will learn how to use the elements in order to enhance their compositions. Pupils will learn to recognise different instruments of the orchestra through listening and analysing a variety of orchestral music including film music.


During this module Pupils will learn to perform melodies on the keyboard using stave notation

Holst planets

Pupils will listen to and analyse Holsts Planets and will then create their own planet in ternary form.

Vocal music

Pupils will learn to sing through creating their own mash up. Pupils will explore how to use their voices including learning how to beat box.

Year 8

Development of the Orchestra

Pupils will continue their study of the orchestra through looking at how it developed during the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period. Pupils will also continue to develop their keyboard skills through learning to play pieces from each period.


Pupils will learn about the music and culture of Indonesia through performance, appraising and composition.


Pupils will continue to develop their keyboard skills by learning how to perform chord patterns and different styles of accompaniment on the keyboard.

Reggae Music

Using keyboards and ukuleles, pupils will learn about and perform Reggae songs.

Year 9


In large groups pupils will perform and compose music that includes samba features.

Garage Band

Pupils will learn how to use this popular app and use it to create their own music.


Through the study of minimalist music pupils will compose a minimalist piece that includes the key features.

Blues Music

Pupils will compose their own bass line, blues riffs, chord pattern and lyrics/melody in order to create a blues song.

Keyboard skills

Pupils will continue to develop their keyboard and reading notation skills through the performance of a variety of modern pop pieces and film music.

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